Indian American engineers launch innovation hub

Monday, January 3, 2022

By: Arun Kumar

The American Association of Engineers of India Origin (AAEIO) has launched the AAEIO Innovation Hub to commercialize key technologies available with leading agencies of the two countries.

Launched in partnership with Indian and US governments and leading institutions like Purdue University, Northwestern University among others, the hub was inaugurated at an AAEIO holiday party in Chicago on Dec 19.

US Rep Bill Foster representing Illinois’ 11th District in the House, along with AAEIO President Gladson Varghese, President-Elect Ajit Pant, and Vice President Nitin Maheshwari and other board members inaugurated the AAEIO Innovation Hub.

Noting that US space agency NASA has over 16,000 technologies that need to be commercialized, Dr. Deepak Vyas, CEO Redberri Group, spoke about how the AAEIO platform can drive innovation.

As part of the innovation center, AAEIO will set up a fund where state and other grants can be used in conjunction with AAEIO’s startup, corporate and regular members can use these funds on a select technologies.

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